Have you shifted to a new home? There must be lots of space filled with junk items lying down. The best way to treat those junk items is to use your creativity and get your home decorated.

On The Move have compiled some cost cutting ideas to decorate your home yourself.

  1. Take off all your paintings or any other artwork from the walls and hang them back on a different wall or different room. It’s simple but still quite effective.ca11394872a0b971043d2d0ee1110a3c
  2. Moving to a new place lots of empty, which could be used to store some extra items into them. But this might give an unpleasant look, take 2 minutes and apply some paint or polish and your exotic storage boxes are ready to be used.
  3. Utilize your old shutters by hanging them on the side of a mirror or an old picture window. Create a version of this above your bed with pictures in the window frames like a professional interior decorator in Chandler AZ.
  4. The little glass globes are no more useless and can be reborn as beautiful flower pots and mini terrariums! Use an aluminium ring to support the bulb, place a little amount of water and a plant. Make sure you’re frequently changing the water because it’s tiny.

So, just start picking up some junk and decorate your home :) Let us know if you’ve any other ideas also -post on our Facebook Page.