How to Drive in Snow and Ice During Long Distance Moves

Driving in winters may pose many challenges. Cars can get stuck on roads, which may force the driver and the passenger to spend night over the roadside. Following is some advice on how to drive in snow and ice during long distance moves.

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  1. Speed:While driving in snow, make sure you get the speed right. Your speed should not be so fast that you risk your life, but not so slow that you lose the momentum.
  2. Gear control:Start gently in second gear. For better control try to stay in a higher gear.
  3. Drive vehicle you’re comfortable with:Driving in snow and ice can be dangerous, if you aren’t comfortable in driving cars with loose steering or touchy break. This is the great time to approach Out of State Movers AZ, instead of renting a truck. On The Move, the famous Out of State Movers drives your truck, while you move comfortably in your car.
  4. Journey around busier road:Try to plan your move around busier roads and avoid shortcuts, as busier roads are more likely to have been cleared.
  5. Using dipped headlights:While moving in falling snow use dipped headlights to make yourself visible to other pedestrians, drivers and movers. But make sure that you use your headlights only in case they are required, as they can confuse other drivers.
  6. Carry a bag of salt or sand:Carry a bag of salt or sand along with you on the move. So that in case you get stuck in the snow, these bags can help your vehicle to un-stuck if you happen to get trapped in the snow.
  7. Carry warm accessories:Carry an extra pair of boots, gloves, a blanket and a warm jacket with you.
  8. Let your friend know your route:While moving in snow, let your friend, family member or a colleague know your exact route of traveling and also the approximate time to reach the destination.
  9. Emergency snow kit:Keep you emergency snow kit with you. This would include warm clothes, water, mobile battery, cell phone and some food.
  10. Cover the windscreen with cardboard:At night cover your windscreen with a piece of cardboard or an old bed sheet to avoid icing of windscreen.
  11. Clear snow from the roof:Snow must be cleared from the roof while moving to avoid blocking, sliding down and even cracking of the windscreen.
  12. Locks:Use a squirt of WD-40 to prevent your door locks from freezing. In case they freeze, use your lighter to melt the ice.
  13. Stay close to your car:Stay close or near to your car. In heavy snow, it’s easy to get separated from your car, once you leave your car. If possible hang a bright colored piece of cloth on your car, so that others may know that you are there.

During winter season roads gets slippery early in the morning and in the late evening. So don’t put pressure on your movers to rush. Take your time, feel relaxed and use proper gear when moving in the winter season.

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