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It’s the time when most of the information is being transformed into digits which are measured in kilobytes of the storage used, but still the keen book lovers prefer classic book collections and college students in Tempe or Tucson AZ still have to buy books for class. The neatly arranged books in the shelves can never be replaced by any electronic reading device. But there comes a time when you need to leave the place you live in, along with your entire magical book collection. Following are some tips by moving experts for properly and safely moving your books without making any moving mistakes:

Strong transportation boxes:

Don’t be misled, it can be very difficult to lift a small box stuffed with ASU textbooks. So before starting your packing, choose the transportation boxes which are not too large so can be handled properly and should be strong enough to hold the weight of the books.

Stack the books properly:

The books should be packed and placed in a certain way that the risk of damaging can be minimized. The time you’ve assembled the boxes it’s necessary that you paste a tape on the bottom side of the box. If possible, keep the hardcover books in standing position as you place them in your shelves. Whereas, heavy books should be placed in laying position since they might be the reason to damage the bindings, so they should be packed upright.

Pack your boxes:

To add some extra cushioning line the bottom and side of the boxes with bubble wrap. After putting the books into the box, use wadded-up paper to fill the extra spaces. Try to keep equal height of the stack of books, if the height varies it will force the spine of the book to bend. Never let the stack of books reach top of the box, always leave an inch or more.

Refine your book collection:

If you’re going to hire a moving company to move your library, they will charge you for the weight of your load if moving to an rental apartment in Tempe Arizona. So, it’s the time to pay attention to the weight of your book collection. Though all the books would be valuable for you, but still it’s the perfect time to optimize your book collection to only those which are really worth the transport charges.

If you’re not familiar with these basic packing tips many thing could go wrong at your end. If you’re going to face a long-distance moving, then above tips will help you pack your books quickly with a minimal damage.

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