he idea of shifting your house can put looms as a threat above your head. However, you can minimize the stress just by careful planning and organization. Go through the following checklist which will guide through your entire moving process:

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8 Weeks Before

  • Inform landlord: First of all, your landlord is required to know in advance that you’re shifting.
  • Categorize and purge: Examine each room to decide which item you actually want to keep and what to get rid of. Note the items with extra insurance coverage and special packaging.
  • Research moving option: If you’re moving from Arizona, search for the rates of different out of state movers in Arizona and choose the one which suits you best.
  • Moving blinder: Create a moving binder and keep a track of all your bill payments and estimates of all the items you’re moving.

6 Weeks before Selling a Home

  • Pack unnecessary items: Try to pack the items which are not used much during your daily routine and clearly label the packed boxes.
  • Use thing: Frozen, Perishable food and toiletries are the thing which isn’t intended to take along. Begin using such things.
  • Measurement: Get a hard copy of the floor plan of your new home and calculate to see how you will decorate it and how it will go through the door.
  • Order packaging materials:Start gathering the materials used for packaging, such as; cartons, bubble wraps, permanent markers and brown tapes.

2 Weeks before

  • Involve children: Try to keep your children the part of packing process and if they are too small, drive them at their grandparent’s place to pack in peace.
  • Moving with pets: If you’re moving along with your pets, make sure that the moving company does provide the facility to move your pets. If the moving company regrets to move them, then make required arrangement for their travel.
  • Pack non-essential things: Label carefully all the non-essential things such as off season clothes, so that you could keep the track where you would place them in the new house.

1 Week before:

  • Change of address: Let your family, friends and relatives know about the change of address.
  • Transfer bank accounts: If you’re looking forward to switch banks, close the back accounts and order the check books with your new address.
  • Gather important documents: Remember not to pack any important documents such as your Check Books, Credit card, NIC etc. carry them along with you during your move.
  • Finish packing: Get all of your items packing done and pack yourself a suitcase with a few days’ worth of toiletries, some cloths and any other item which belong to you.

Moving Day

  • Switch off: Switch off all the lights and fans, lock windows and doors.
  • Scout the house: Have a look at every corner of your house to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.
  • “Empty first day box”: All the important things you need for the first day need to be filled in the box such as cups, dishes, toiletries etc.