tems being damaged can be a nightmare scenario we all can imagine when preparing for a move. And you’d probably like to have your items perfectly arrive at your destination. The most expensive items are understandably, the most important ones to protect. However, the designers’ clothes and shoes fall into the same category, just because of their price tags. Luckily you don’t need to be an expert to pack such stuff.
So how can you pack those item to guarantee safety? On The Move has some tips.

Protecting Shoes and Clothes during a move

  • Your pricey clothes might be hanging up in your closet, leave them on the hanger if possible. However a wardrobe box will typically help you to keep things in place.
  • Try to invest in wooden hangers, they are most likely to keep your designer shirts and jackets hold their shape better than ordinary plastic or wire hangers.
  • Pack your shoes in the shoe boxes, before packing them in the larger moving box. Make sure to place the heavier shoes at the bottom, so they may act as a base and hold the box in a stable position.
  • Tissue paper and the clothes can be a life saver, fold them around the shoes to help prevent any wrinkles. Bubble wrap can also be used as a good protector.
  • Use your garments bag for your suit, just to make an extra layer of protection.
  • Keep a different container for old and new shoes. Otherwise you might require special care to make them look fresh again.
  • Use your socks or any other stuff to fix them in shoes toe –to make sure your shoe don’t loses its shape.

So, you’ve finished packing your clothes? Now check out some awesome ideas for optimizing storage. And as always, contact Mesa moving company to help you on your next move.