henever you are moving across the country to another city or shifting the place within the city, moving can be a stressful time for you, and if the kids are also moving along with you then your stress level can go right through the roof.

Tips to make your move easier with kids:

  • Prepare Kids:Make your kids understand what the tern “moving” means and make them mentally prepared for the move.
  • Best month for the moveSummer month is the best month to relocate as it avoids disturbing the child’s education. Moving during the school month will disturb b the child as well as his education.
  • Make packing fun While you pack your child’s item including the toys, make sure you make them understand that you are not throwing their items away; instead you are packing them very carefully. Give different color labels with markers to different boxes. Keep the teen and kids engage in packing the items.
  • Keep routines, rules and regulationsMoving does not means that you change your kid’s routine and the household rules instead keep the household rules and regulations the same including the sleep time, bedtime, meal time and other routines.
  • Involve kids in packing Make your kids anxious about the new place so that they may not feel disturbed while they move over there. Make them busy in searching on the internet for the nearby schools around their new home.
  • Welcome their questionsWelcome their questions and don’t ignore their questions
  • Moving advices to young childrenExplain to your child why you are moving. Show them pictures and maps on internet of your new house. Make them realize and assure them that these things will remain the same even after they shift to the new place.
  • SadnessHelp your child say good bye to the important people. Help them take contact numbers and emails of the important persons, to whom they are attached. Be patient. They feel sad at having to leave their friends and neighbors. Just give them space.
  • Plan a welcoming ritual for shifting to a new homeIf children are moving to the new place for the first time, arrange a welcoming party, plant a tree as a symbol that this is their new home.
  • Prioritize the packing processPrioritize the packing and the unpacking process. Don’t try to unpack the items in a day. First set up the room of your child so that they feel comfortable.

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